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Covid Fatigue and Mindfulness

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今年はとてもゆっくりと過ぎていくように感じます – 3月と4月にトイレットペーパーとマスクを探し回っていたあの日々、覚えていますか?それから夏が来て、少しずつ外に出て、慎重にすごしながらも、旅行したり友達に会うことを再開しました。やがて、突然夏が明けて、年末になった気がします。ハロー12月!

暖かい室内で年末年始の計画について考えるとき、Covidに関わる現象で最近よく耳にする「コロナ疲れ(Covid fatigue)」に注意することが大切です。そうですよね、確かに私たちは皆、仕事に行き、大切な人に会い、お気に入りのレストランで食事を楽しむことを自粛し、恐れを抱くことにうんざりしてきています。








Covid Fatigue and Mindfulness

What a year!…

At times, it seemed to go by so slowly – remember those days of hoarding toilet paper and masks back in March and April?  Then the summer came and we started to go outside more and, albeit carefully, to travel and meet friends.  Then suddenly, as we came out of summer, it feels as though we’ve shot right to year end.  Hello December!

As we huddle indoors to stay warm and ponder our holiday season travels, it’s important to be mindful of the latest Covid phenomenon to come to light – “Covid fatigue”. Yes indeed, we are all tired of being anxious and scared to go to work, see loved ones, and enjoy our favorite restaurants. 

We want to ditch our masks for the freedom of once again sucking air directly into our lungs and to once again share in each other’s smiles.  

And we want to hug and touch, enjoy the gym and practice yoga together. We miss our adjustments!  We miss sharing the energy of each other’s physical presence!

But just because we are tired and just because we tried to do the ‘right things’ these past eight months or so, doesn’t mean we can throw that all away.  

We still need to make mindful decisions.  We still need to evaluate the information out there and around us, and not bias our response by the work we’ve done these past many months.  In fact, more than ever, as we head into the holiday season, we need to look more into the present moment, be mindful that we are prone to erring on the side of less caution and make informed decisions that ultimately we and those around us, will have to live with.

It’s not easy.  And no one wishes this to be the case. But even in these times, there is something to learn.  Perhaps especially in these times, we have something to learn.  If we can be mindful of our ‘Covid fatigue’ and the loneliness and fear we still hold, then we can probably be mindful no matter what comes our way.

T’is the Season to be Mindful.  Let’s help each other out.  Let’s help each other stay present. And let’s get through this, stronger, closer and more mindful together. (11/2020)