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What if Tomorrow Doesn’t Come?  


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私は自転車に飛び乗って、急いで家に帰りました。テレビでは、津波が押し寄せ、田んぼや町を飲み込んでいく様子が生中継されていました。私は、テレビに映っている車に向かって、「もっと早く走れ!」「津波の進路を避けろ!」と叫んでいました。 そして、テレビの中の歩行者にも大声で「逃げろ」「高台に行け」と叫んでいました。しかし、私の声が届くことはありませんでした。これがテレビ番組やビデオゲームではなく、目の前で起こっている現実であることが信じられませんでした。



では、もし明日が来なかったら? 私たちは今日という日を、その日にふさわしい活力と感謝の気持ちを持って過ごしているでしょうか?そして、私たちは、するべきことをして、大切な人々に、価値ある存在感と熱意をもって語りかけているでしょうか?




2021年3月11日 Maneesh

What if Tomorrow Doesn’t Come?  


It was exactly ten years ago today that we experienced the three-fold disaster that will be burned in our communal memories forever.  

I had just come down onto the street after a meeting in the high-end Omotesando area of Tokyo.  I was speaking to a colleague when that moment came. The one where everything seems to stop, background noises dissolve into the unknown and you are overcome with a gut-wrenching feeling that something ungodly is about to happen.

Buildings started to make that creaking sound as if they were trees about to be uprooted. The mirrored walls lining the luxury stores started to shake so violently I thought they would tear and fly off into the distance.  And I can still hear the screams of terror and people all around me dropping to the ground in shock and disbelief. 

I jumped on my bicycle and sped home as quickly as possible. The television was airing live coverage of the tsunami rushing in, engulfing rice fields and towns. I caught myself yelling at the cars on the TV to go faster and steer clear of the path of the tsunami.  And then I’d yell at the pedestrians on the TV as well, pleading with them to run and get to higher ground. But to no avail. It was hard to comprehend that this was not some TV show or a video game but rather people in real time, dying in front of my eyes.

For those of us who were lucky enough to be far away from the epicenter and who do not have close friends or family in that area, it is all too easy to forget. These anniversary reminders, if we even catch them, are probably the only time in the year we recall that day.  

But for those who lost friends and family, it is another story. For them 3/11 is the day that tomorrow didn’t come for someone they loved.

So what if tomorrow doesn’t come?  Are we spending today with the vigor and the appreciation that today deserves? And are we doing the things we do and speaking to the people we care about with a presence and enthusiasm we deem worthy?

Anniversaries of tragedies such as 3/11 need not be morbid recollections of historic events. They can serve as reminders of how precious this moment and this life we’ve been given are. 

So go out there and spend the day with vigor and joy and purpose! And let us not forget this powerful message.

In memory of those who passed on 3/11