Coronavirus: Tips for Taking Care of Your Body

文責:(E)Maneesh /(日)Ying

photo by Ying

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  2. エクササイズやヨガの練習を続ける
    スポーツジムやヨガスタジオが閉まっていても、家での運動習慣を続けることはできる。オンラインのエクササイズやヨガクラス、ダンスエクササイズまでもある。ちなみに、ATHA YOGA主催のオンライン・クラスはこちら
  3. 食べ過ぎないこと!


Stay safe, stay vigilant, stay optimistic.

The world has changed in an instant and we all anxiously wait for ‘normality’ to return.

However, there is a lot we can do in the interim to improve our chances of staying healthy and thereby reduce risk to those around us and extra burden to the health system.

Clearly, staying home & isolated is essential. But while at home, it is important to take great care of both your body and mind.

Here are a few things I do everyday to maintain physical health and boost immunity:

  1. Maintain routine — sleep and wake up at around the same times as usual (even if you are not going to the office or morning Mysore practice!!) and don’t forget to make your bed! These seemingly mundane tasks can give us a sense of accomplishment and propel us to take on more tasks throughout the day.
  2. Do regular exercise / yoga asana — while gyms & studios are off limits right now, nothing is stopping you from practicing or exercising at home. There are plenty of online yoga and exercise classes you can join LIVE to keep you inspired and fit while staying at home. (check out our classes here…)
  3. Do NOT overeat — its all too easy to when you’re stuck at home to reach for a treat. But eating out of boredom or stress is hazardous to your health. Eat when your digestive fire, not your tongue, calls you to eat. And avoid junk! It may seem like a good idea at the time but you will pay for it later!

For those of you don’t have healthy routines, now is a great time to start. And for those of you did, keep doing what you do but just do it inside!

Stay safe, stay vigilant, stay optimistic.