How To Be With Your Practice

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猿の神様であるハヌマーンは好奇心旺盛な少年でした。 毎日のように母親の服を引っ張っては尋ねていました。




「ああ、小さなハヌマーン、あなたはとても多くの疑問を持っています。でも、私は全てに答えることはできません。 あなたには、たくさんのことを知っている先生、つまり世界を見てきた先生が必要です」 






「ハヌマーンよ、私は君の師になるにはあまりにも忙しい。 私は24時間世界を飛び回っているので、立ち止まってあなたに教える時間はありません」







このシンプルな物語は、より高度な知識を追求しようとするときのコミットメントと努力の重要性を教えてくれます。 毎日練習や勉強をするのは簡単なことではありません。 私たちは皆、他にやるべきことがあります。注意をそらすことには事欠きません。 しかし、コミットするという行為自体が私たちを変えるということを認識したらどうでしょうか。 そして、定期的に練習することで、まだ理解できない何かを得ることができるとしたらどうでしょう?

やってみませんか?1日10分、毎日、1ヶ月間。 そして、そこから先は…。


How To Be With Your Practice

The monkey God, Hanuman, was a curious little boy.  Everyday he would tug on his mother’s clothes and ask:

 “Mama, mama, why is the sky blue?”

“Mama, mama, where do clouds come from?”

“Mama mama, where does the Sun go at night?”

“Oh, little Hanuman, you have so many questions. But I don’t have the answers.  You need a teacher who knows about so many things; a teacher who has seen the world!“

She thought for a moment and then said “aha, who better than Surya, the Sun, to teach you?! He travels the world and sees all! Yes, go to him my Son and ask him to be your Guru.”

So Hanuman, who was born with amazing powers to fly like the wind, jumped up into the sky to the Sun and begged “please, Oh great Surya, please take me as your disciple.”

Surya refused saying, “no Hanuman, I am far too busy to be your teacher.  I travel the world 24 hours a day. I have no time to stop and teach you.”

But Hanuman persisted. “You will not have to stop, I will fly with you as you go about your duties bringing warmth, light and life to the world.”

Surya again refused, this time saying “it is too hard. I am so hot and bright. You cannot handle being so close to me all of the time.”

Stil, Hanuman would not give up. “What is a little discomfort in the pursuit of great knowledge?

Surya was out of excuses and he knew Hanuman was up to the challenge. From that day onwards, Surya became Hanuman’s Guru.

This simple story teaches us the importance of commitment and effort when we try to pursue higher knowledge.  It’s not easy to practice or study everyday.  We all have other things to do. There is no shortage of distractions.  But what if we recognize that the act of committing itself changes us?  And what if we realize that by practicing regularly, we will gain something we cannot yet see? 

Why not try it? 10 minutes a day, everyday, for one month.  And then let’s go from there…
Enjoy the challenge! And enjoy the Sun!