Coronavirus: Tips for Maintaining Mental Health


photo by Ying

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  1. シンプルな呼吸法の練習
    1日5分でもいい。朝でもいいし、1日数回でもいい。静かに座り、自分の呼吸に耳を傾け、心地よさを深める呼吸をする。4カウントで吸って吐くことを繰り返す均等な呼吸(sama vritti)はとてもシンプルだが、心の安定を誘う練習だ。
  2. シンプル・メディテーション
  3. サウンド/マントラ


Stay safe, stay healthy, and keep smiling.

The world has changed in an instant and we all anxiously wait for ‘normality’ to return.

However, there is a lot we can do in the interim to improve our chances of staying healthy and thereby reducing risk to those around us and to the health system.

Clearly, thorough and frequent hand washing along with social distancing (reducing contact with others especially large crowds) are essential. Also important is self-care of both your body and mind.

It is equally important to take care of the mind. The uncertainty surrounding this virus creates anxiety and fear. And these emotions put strain on the immune system at a time when we need to be at our strongest.

Here’s what I do to maintain mental equilibrium:

  1. simple breathing practice — take even just 5 minutes every morning (or several times a day) to sit quietly, observe your breath, and deepen it comfortably. ‘sama vritti’ (‘even waves’ of inhalation & exhalation) is a simple but effective practice.
  2. simple meditation — again take even just a few minutes every morning (or several times a day) to sit quietly and observe your mind. You can do this before and after your breathing exercises.
  3. sound / mantra — sound vibrations can be extremely calming. If you have a mantra you like to chant, use it as a practice. Or listen to sounds/music that has a calming or uplifting effect.

Do the simplest things to take care of yourself. And in that way, you will be in a much better position to care for others.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and keep smiling.