Coming Home: 3 Simple Steps

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apne ghar vich aa, e gal asli aa

dhoondan kite na jaa, e gal asli aa



母が先日、このパンジャビのバジャン(bhajan 祈りの歌)を私にシェアしてくれました。 それは何世代にもわたって受け継がれ、私たちがヨガ(そして人生)の実践で探求している本質を捉えています:それは本物で永続的な平和の感覚を見つけることです。

ヨガのクラスでは、「観察する」、「沈黙を味わう」、「paramātma(普遍的な魂)がjivātma(個人の魂)を見る」などの言葉を使用します。 しかし、皆さんの心に響く表現は「Homeに戻る」でしょう。

Homeは安全で守られ安定している場所や空間です。 そして避難所であり聖域です。 Homeは暖かさに包まれ、この上なく幸せが満たされていると感じます。 そして本物のHomeでは、保護されると同時に自由であると感じます。 間違った方向に進まないように守っていますが、やりたいことを自由にでき、自分らしくいることができるところです。



–> ‘Homeに戻る’ 3つのシンプルなステップ —



  1. DehaDhāraṇā(体の集中)


・頭のてっぺんからつま先の先までゆっくりと体をスキャンします。 もし集中の助けになるようなら、右小指の先端に注意を向けるくらい意識を研ぎ澄ませてみましょう。

  1. PrāṇaDhāraṇā(生命力/呼吸に集中)



  1. 今ここにいること




Happy Holidays


Coming Home: 3 Simple Steps

apne ghar vich aa, e gal asli aa

dhoondan kite na jaa, e gal asli aa

Come inside your Home, this is the real thing.

Don’t go searching outside, this is the real thing.

My Mother shared this Punjabi bhajan (devotional song) with me the other day. It has been passed down for generations and captures the essence of what we are trying to do with our yoga (and life) practice: find a real and lasting sense of peace.

In yoga class, we use words such as ‘observe’, ‘savor the silence’, ‘the paramātma (universal soul) watches the jivātma (individual soul)’. But the expression that has really resonated with students is ‘Coming Home’. 

Home is the place, the space where you are safe, secure and steady.  It is a refuge, a sanctuary. At Home, you feel blanketed with warmth and blissfully nourished. And in a true Home you feel protected and free. Protected from the forces that pull you in the wrong direction yet free to do and say what you want and to be yourself.

Here’s the thing we often forget though – Home is with you whenever, wherever, whatever. 

Just close your eyes and let yourself be Here, at Home.

It sounds easy and it can be, the yogis assure us.  But we often need a bit of support in this pursuit.  So here are 3 simple steps to bring yourself Home:

  1. Deha Dhāraṇā (body concentration)
    • Shift your awareness from the outer world to the inner by focusing on the physical vessel you’ve been given  
    • Slowly scan the body from the top of the head through to the tips of the toes. If it helps you to go in, get as detailed as bringing attention to the tip of your right pinky finger.
  2. Prāṇa Dhāraṇā (life force / breath concentration)
    • Now shift your awareness from your gross body to your more subtle breath
    • Just rest your attention on the breath as it moves naturally and effortlessly – this may seem like an easy and boring activity but once the process takes hold, you will experience a softness and a profound unwinding
  3. Be Present
    • And finally, let your awareness rest in the moment
    • There’s nowhere to go. There’s nothing to do. There’s no one to be.

This Christmas and New Year’s o-shogatsu Holiday season, we may not be able to go to our physical homes to visit family and friends but we can surely be at Home inside ourselves.

Happy Holidays